Lovelies, one of my pet hates in our QLD summer is feeling all hot and sweaty. This heat is often generated by our undies – yes, we are LIT FROM WITHIN ?
Plus, as well as wanting cool and comfy from my knickers, I also like smooth lines – let’s face it nobody (ever) needs to see the line of my knickers ‘digging in’ under my clothes.
So when Bridgets asked me to try a pair of their fabulous ‘Bridgets’ knickers, I simply couldn’t resist putting them to the test:
• Moisture wicking fabric (keeping you fresh, dry and sweat-free all day long – making them the perfect summer knickers).
• Seamless construction in a lightweight yet breathable stretch fabric.
• No VPL
• Short style (great for the fuller thigh woman – AKA BEV), or babes that struggle with mid- thigh sweating/rubbing/chafing – I do appreciate this can be a delicate subject to broach, but that’s what I’m here for girls – so let’s start the conversation.
. Work perfectly under dresses, shorts, skirts and pants.

These babies truly work like a dream, I felt comfortable all day long – with no vice like restriction. They are available in two colours (nude or black).
Come in 2 sizes (S/M or M/L – I’m wearing S/M)
Me and my pear-shaped butt and thighs found them super fresh and dry, even on a boiling hot QLD day.
The best bit? They’re only $35 a pair
You my friends, are most welcome