Chafed inner-thighs aren’t a minor matter, particularly in hot weather, when the raw skin can feeling like it’s burning, and even turn into a hard-to-get-rid-of rash.

While chafing can be more common if you exercise a lot or struggle with your weight, it can affect anyone – no matter what your size or exercise behaviour. It’s caused by moist skin rubbing against skin or clothes, in a similar way to how a blister forms.

While coating the sensitive area with Vaseline, nappy or diaper rash cream or deodorant can sometimes help prevent so-called ‘chub rub’, not everyone enjoys the feeling of greasy skin rubbing together. But an Aussie company called Bridgets reckons it has the answer: undershorts that it claims reduce and even eliminate sweat, preventing chafing.

The shorts look similar to Spanx and cling to the skin without uncomfortable seams. They promise to mould to fit any shape, and unlike shape-wear, they are made from a lightweight fabric to stop them feeling too hot and allowing your skin to breathe. In other words, they don’t ‘suck you in’ or squeeze your flesh over the top and bottom!

“Bridgets is purposefully made using breathable stretch fabric to draw moisture away from the skin and dry quickly,” the brand explains, adding that they’re perfect if you’re moving around a lot.

Promising a new life “where thigh rubbing is not allowed”, the brand’s site says: “By wearing a pair of Bridgets you are committing to comfort and with highly sophisticated undergarment technology you’ll have a seamless fit that wicks away sweat. Bridgets are moulded comfortably to fit any shape.”